Snowbound now available for Kindle

dfw-kg-sb-cover-2-smallJust a quickie to let you know that Snowbound is now available for Kindle! 😀

If you live in the US, get it here. UK readers can get it here.

Nook readers, you’ll have to wait a bit longer–around 2 weeks–since BN isn’t as quick about delivering. Not sure why.

You could always download the free Kindle app and read it on your tablet, phone or computer. 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading Snowbound! If you do, please write a review and/or drop a line and let me know.

Happy reading (and writing)!

The paperback version of Snowbound is live!

ImageJust wanted to let you know the paperback version of Snowbound is finally live via my CreateSpace store. You’ll be able to purcase it from Amazon in a few days. Ebook version is still in the works. I had a some formatting issues which I am trying to get sorted ASAP. So, if you are in the mood for a love story set in snowy Vermont with a nice holiday mood, then Snowbound is just the thing for you. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on when the ebook version (which will be available for all ereaders) will be ready.

Some of you may remember Snowbound as my Nanowrimo 2011 novel. It was also the novel that helped me complete Nanowrimo on time for the very first time.

More novellas and short stories will be coming your way soon, so keep checking in. 🙂

Happy reading (and writing)!

Stories lost and found…

A road in Vermont...

A road in Vermont…

A few days ago, I decided to return to a story I started back in 2007 but never finished. There are a number of reasons why I never finished it. Weird comments during workshop review with my former writers group, especially silly ones like “we don’t want to read about Swedes”–not conducive to writing; hitting the 45K mark and getting stuck, worrying that no one would want to read the story. You name it, I worrired about it. So instead of soldiering on, I put the manuscript aside and forgot about it. Then my old computer died. And I lost my original flash drive. And I thought I’d lost that manuscript forever.

Well, the gods of Fate were kind to me. Maybe they were smiling upon me when they saw I’d cleaned off my desk. Well, I found half of the novel on the PC I bought to replace the computer that died. And I found the entire manuscript on my new flash drive–it was in a folder that had been given the name of another book I started writing but then gave up on because I deemed it boring.

So now I found the old story set in Vermont about Cassie and Michael and I’ve decided to finish it and I will give. I’ve given myself a 30 May deadline to finish the first draft. It’s also the same deadline I have for myself to finish revising Maybe Baby. Well, I like a challenge.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 🙂

Happy reading (and writing)!

Nano Update: Week 3

Well, this week has been a week marked by sluggishness. Not because I am losing steam. This is sluggishness caused by having the cold from Hell. I should be closing in on 30,000 words by now. Actually, today I should be at the 26,666-word mark. I am nowhere near there. I am at 21,899 words. Why? Well, on Friday, I began feeling under the weather. It started with a bit of brain fog, the telltale sign of upcoming sinus problems and cold. I ignored it. I thought it was just that I was hungry and my blood-sugar levels were low from not having a mid-day snack. Then I woke up on Saturday and the back of my nose and throat burned. I still thought it was no big deal. Took my multivitamin, went for a walk, came home and did some writing. And then the sneezing started. And then the fever came. And then the runny nose made its appearance. By Sunday, my nose was sore, congested and runny. My sinuses throbbed. By Monday, I was running a fever of 100.2°F (37.9°C). I have been trying to stay on track but writing with a fever has proved impossible. I didn’t manage to get any writing done on Monday. I was feeling a bit better on Tuesday and managed to write 2000 words. If I am lucky, I will manage 2000 words today. At least the fever is gone. The main thing plaguing me now is inner-ear pain caused by pressure from my congested sinuses. I will probably go back to work tomorrow since the fever is now gone. I will need to bust my ass the rest of the week and this weekend to get back on track.

So what’s happening now? Not much. A long, meandering chapter in which Jake and Mia go to a tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. And Jake realizes he’s attracted to Mia. And since my story is set in Vermont, I figured we could enjoy a view of the Northeast Kingdom region in Vermont I found on Yankee Magazine‘s website. It was a reader-submitted photograph for their 2011 Autumn Photo contest but I couldn’t find the name of the photographer.

Nano Update: End of Week 2

I am coming to what many say is the hardest part of Nanowrimo–getting past the 20,000-word threshold. I am pretty close. I should have crossed it yesterday but I had a translation to work on and I wasn’t feeling well (and I went out after work on Thursday and Friday). My plan was to spend all Saturday writing. For the most part, I did. But, since I fell behind already on Thursday, I had a lot of writing to do. Still, I think today I will be able to pass 20000 words and be on par for the Sunday goal.

So what’s happening in my story now? Well, Mia goes into the guest house attic when Jake isn’t at home to look for her grandmother’s Christmas decorations. While searching, she finds Jake’s trunks full of his camera equipment and notebooks. Snoopy girl that she is, she reads part of one of his journals and learns that Jake was in Afghanistan, working for Reuters, when he saw a woman killed by a sniper. She’s stunned by the flood of emotions in his writing and wonders if this is what has indirectly led him to Vermont.

That’s it for now. Time to get dressed, take a walk and then head to Thelins Konditori for some java, lunch and writing.