Add another book to my To Read list!


Cover of Curtis Sittenfeld’s Sisterland

Two posts in one day–will wonders never cease? Just found out that Curtis Sittenfeld, author of Prep and who is one of my favorites, has a new book coming out in June. It’s called Sisterland and it sounds amazing! 

So what’s it about? Identical twin sisters Kate and Violet are as unlike one another as possible–except they both share the gift of premonition, a secret Kate inadvertantly reveals when the girls are thirteen. And this revelation sets both girls on diverging paths. 

Fast forward twenty years later. Kate is a suburban housewife who supresses her gift while Violet is still single and working as a psychic. When Violet sets off a media storm by predicting a major earthquake in the St. Louis area, both women must deal with the legacy of the past and the unsettling future they’ve both glimpsed.

Hooked? I know I am! Pre-ordering it now for my Kindle. 🙂


My Spring/Summer 2012 Reading List

I’ve been buying books like crazy the last few weeks. I need a steady supply, you see. It’s the bookworm in me and it must be fed. Plus, in a month I will be heading to Italy for ten days of vacation and I always have books with me when I travel. So what will I be reading? I’ve got paperbacks and ebooks on my Kindle…:) Here’s what I bought:



So I think I am set for spring/summer reading…at least for now. I will add to the list, so you know I’ll keep you updated.

What are you all reading now? And what’s on your spring/summer reading list?

And a little Melanie Chronicles news: I’ve sold 100+ copies now of the ebook version, which pleases me. I’ve broken even now and it makes me happy that people want to read my writing.