Review: A Summer Affair by Janae Keyes

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 06.47.44I love short stories. I like the feeling of satisfaction I get when I can read a complete story while on my morning commute or during my lunch break. Not every short story succeeds in eliciting that satisfied sensation–the pacing may be too rushed or the characterisation flimsy, but Janae Keyes’s A Summer Affair most definitely succeeded.

With A Summer Affair, Janae gives us a very emotional and relatable story about unexpected love. We meet Ashlee, a wife and author who is dealing with a clingy child and a neglectful husband. We also have Kyle, the author who just happens to be as sexy as all get-out. Of course sparks fly. And we want them to–even when we know they shouldn’t.

I loved the emotional rollercoaster that Janae takes us on. I also loved how she depicted Ashlee and Kyle’s feelings for one another. It came across, for me, as believable and understandable. This was my first time reading a Janae Keyes book and it definitely will not be my last.

My rating?

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So how did it go with the December Drive to raise money for Stockholms Stadsmission?

Thank-You-Merci-GraciasSadly, my December Drive didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Only 15 people bought copies of Linger: a short story and The Melanie Chronicles. I don’t know who all of the buyers were since not everyone sent messages after they’d completed their purchases, but I thank all of you who tried to help. I will still make a donation to Stockholms Stadsmission at the end of this month. So thank you to the 15 of you who helped. 🙂

But for the 15 people who helped: if you’re reading this message and you weren’t one of the 3 people who emailed me after you purchased, please do mail me . Your names will appear on the acknowledgements page of my next ebook/POD version and you will receive a copy of that book as a gift from me. I haven’t decided yet which book comes out next but it will be a full-length novel. It could be A Little Night Music, The Time Is Now or Snowbound. Maybe Baby is still too rough for publication. I need to revise, revise, revise.

And now…I’m off to write.



Need a short story to tide you over? Linger is live for Kindle

ImageWhile I’ve been Nanowriming, I haven’t completely neglected all my other in-progress projects. Along with trying to tighten one problem section of Snowbound,I’ve also been revising and editing a short story I started a long time ago called “Linger”. Now “Linger” is available for Kindle for $0.99USD. I know some people will wonder why it’s so cheap (I can imagine some people will think I should give it away. But I felt that it wasn’t fair to charge the same price for one story as I did for the three stories in The Melanie Chronicles. Why only for Kindle? Since it’s only one story and since the majority of people who have purchased The Melanie Chronicles did so for Kindle–Kindle-friendly purchases make up nearly 100% of my sales–I decided to go with Kindle Direct Publishing for “Linger”. I have another short story collection in mind for publication at a later date. “Linger” will be included in that publication, which will be available for all e-reader formats. I’ll keep you posted about the launch date for my new collection of stories. 

So what’s“Linger” about? It’s about an American woman living in Sweden who is haunted by her grief and by the ghost of her husband. 

I’ve tried to fix any formatting kinks. I previewed it with Kindle’s Preview Viewer and it looked fine but please do let me know if there were any hiccups. 

You can purchase “Linger” here

By the way, I finally caught up with Nanowrimo–I am on target now with daily word counts. Yay, me!

Happy reading (and nanowriming)!