My Spring/Summer 2012 Reading List

I’ve been buying books like crazy the last few weeks. I need a steady supply, you see. It’s the bookworm in me and it must be fed. Plus, in a month I will be heading to Italy for ten days of vacation and I always have books with me when I travel. So what will I be reading? I’ve got paperbacks and ebooks on my Kindle…:) Here’s what I bought:



So I think I am set for spring/summer reading…at least for now. I will add to the list, so you know I’ll keep you updated.

What are you all reading now? And what’s on your spring/summer reading list?

And a little Melanie Chronicles news: I’ve sold 100+ copies now of the ebook version, which pleases me. I’ve broken even now and it makes me happy that people want to read my writing.