NaNoWriMo is coming…

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.27.25 PMIn a few days it will be that time again. That time when my friends will wonder if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth and my husband will be grumpy because I am not spending enough time with him. That time we call…NaNoWriMo.

For those of you unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and–despite being called “national” it’s actually a global phenomenon. The goal? Write a 50,000+ word novel between 1 and 30 November. The prize? There is none–this is all about staying motivated and encouraging others to reach their goal while you reach yours. So if you think you have a book inside you, why not give NaNoWriMo a try? Just think how pleased you’ll be when you write “The End”. And this gives you a good excuse to be anti-social for a while. 😉

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.08.21 PMThis is going to be the ninth time I embark on NaNoWriMo, and I hope I finish on time. I’ve got a busy November ahead, so I will have to pace myself and make sure I finish my 1650 words/day. My novel this year will be entitled Near Enough to Hold. I have two very different story ideas swirling around in my mind, but I think I have a pretty good idea which of them I will write. And as always, I will post rough and very unedited chapters here, so you’ll be able to follow my progress.

I also made a mock-up of a cover to help me stay motivated. No, this isn’t the final cover. I don’t own the rights to this image. I am just using it as inspiration for when I write. Whenever you get stuck, you need something to “unstick” you, and I think this will do the trick.

If you think you’re ready to give NaNoWriMo a try, head over to the official website. There is still time to sign up and it doesn’t cost you a single penny! Even if you don’t finish, the fact that you tried is impressive enough! 🙂

Happy writing (and reading)!


Nanowrimo 2012 Update: Chapter Four Online and My Nano Progress

So it’s Day 15 of Nanowrimo and I am closing in on my daily word count target. When I reach it I will have written 25,000 words. That’s right–I will be halfway through Nanowrimo! Am I excited? Damn straight! I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I am on par every day. I love watching my story unfold without being hindered by my evil inner critic–and my inner critic is really bitchy and mean. I love it when–just before I fall asleep–I figure out where I want the next day’s writing to go. Ah…Nanowrimo is wonderful. That’s all I can say.

Now, if you want to follow my progress, go to my Nanowrimo 2012 page. You can read Chapter Four in all its unedited and unrevised glory. Laney’s getting herself into trouble…:)

Happy reading (and writing)!



Gearing up for Nanowrimo 2012

What I will be doing 1-30 November…

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I’ve been gabbing about Nanowrimo for a while. For the uninitiated, Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it’s like a big love-in for writers–we all become maniacs together and try to write 50,000+-word novels in 30 days. Now, granted, it’s become international–people around the world participate in Nanowrimo–but the name remains the same. And every year, there are people who frown upon Nanowrimo or who don’t see the point in doing Nanowrimo if the participant isn’t “serious about writing”. Sometimes I read these posts; often I ignore them. I don’t really care if someone else thinks Nanowrimo is stupid. I think Spinning is stupid but I don’t try to dissuade others who love it from doing it. Just don’t try to force me into a Spinning class with you. 😉

Many years, I’ve tried to finish Nanowrimo by being a “pantser”–one of those people who write without an outline, with no clear idea of where they want their story to go, they just write and let the words come to them. I only succeeded in that once and even then I finished one day late. Last year, I wrote a pretty detailed outline–though initially I’d planned on only writing a 3-sentence per chapter outline–and I finished early.

This year, I have an outline–not as detailed as last years but enough to keep me on track. My story is set in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Later this week, I’ll update my Nanowrimo page here on kimtalksbooks with a blurb so you’ll know what my story is going to be about. I’ve already posted a link on Facebook to my Nanowrimo 2012 Spotify playlist. If you’re interested in hearing what’s inspiring my writing this year, here’s the link. And just like last year, I’ll post a few excerpts so you can see what I’ve been working on and keep you updated on my progress. 🙂 If I can figure out how to upload my word count wideget, I’ll add that too.

November 1 can’t get here fast enough…:)