The Melanie Chronicles is live…

Cover of The Melanie Chronicles

I did it–I took the step into self-publishing a few weeks ago. I published a mini-collection of short stories called The Melanie Chronicles as an ebook.

The Melanie Chronicles follow three moments in Melanie Jamison’s life–rebound, starting over and motherhood.  Check out my Buy the Book page for more information.

If you like The Melanie Chronicles, I’ll publish the novel I wrote featuring Melanie and John as an ebook as well. I’m also planning a print edition of The Melanie Chronicles via CreateSpace.

To purchase your e-copy of The Melanie Chronicles, go to, the Kindle Store, Nook Books and Kobo Books.

And there are more books coming. I’ve got two in mind that I plan on publishing this year as ebooks and (possibly) print editions.