Santa Maybe? Santa Indeed!

ImageYou might find it hard to believe but I actually had time to read while I was tackling Nanowrimo. I’d told myself I was only going to focus on my NanoNovel but I needed distraction from time to time. There’s only so many hours a day a girl can write before her fingers cramp up. I needed something to get me in the Christmas spirit since the end of November in Stockholm was decidely rainy and dark.  Scarlett Bailey’s Christmas novella, Santa Maybe, was just thing thing to keep me from obsessing over bad weather and my never-ending To-Do list.

So what’s Santa Maybe about? Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and you find a strange man in your bedroom–and you know you didn’t bring him home after the office Christmas party…and he’s not your boyfriend. Well, that’s what happens to Amy Tucker. She wakes up on Christmas Eve and finds a very good-looking man in a Santa suit in her bedroom. She thinks she’s dreaming, so Santa–who looks nothing like the Victorian version of Santa many of us grew up with–has to work hard to convince her that a) she isn’t dreaming and b) he really is Santa. So why is he in her bedroom? Amy is a lucky girl–she’s been chosen as the person whose Christmas wish will come true. And maybe she’ll find a little move along the way.

Santa Maybe definitely scores high on my Holiday Book Bonanza list. Scarlett Bailey has reinvented the idea of Santa for the modern woman, making him vulnerable, sexy and very real. I also loved the fun, magical feel Bailey brings to the novella. Amy’s journey with Santa is bittersweet at turns, romantic at others.  It’s a real page-turner and it captures the mood and spirit of Christmas perfectly. So if you’ve got an e-reader and you want something fun to read, you can’t go wrong with Santa Maybe. You’ll love following Amy and Santa’s incredible journey, and you’ll probably wish a sexy Santa would pop up in your bedroom. 😉

Scarlett: another hit! Going to start reading Married by Christmas later this week. 🙂