First draft done…now what to do…?

On Sunday night I finished the first draft of the novel I started for Nanowrimo 2009–(working title: The Time Is Now…) the one that should have taken me 30 days to write but instead took over a year–and it feels both wonderful to have finished it and sad to be without my main characters, Kyra & Christian.

Now my writing buddy, Kim K., is reading my first draft so she can give me comments that will help me revise. Sometimes I think revising harder than actually writing the first draft. At least when you’re writing the first draft, it all feels new and you’re still in love with your story. When you are revising, your love affair with your story sometimes goes from the mushy honeymoon period to the bickering and nagging stage when you aren’t sure why you loved the story in the first place.

Hopefully, I will not begin to hate my characters or my story as I revise. Hopefully, I will be able to remain in love with their story and give them the attention they deserve. I am simply happy that I finished it before I head off at the end of the month for a writers retreat in Matera, Italy. While there, I hope to work on an outline for another book. I am not sure what the new one will be about, but I know at least one character will be called Milo.