More books to give as Christmas presents…

So you’re still searching, still trying to figure out a few more presents? How about these…?

Cover of "Decoded"

For your brother who loves hip hop…

Decoded by Jay-Z should be high on his wish list. It’s a memoir in parts while a book of rhymes, a journal, you name it. I’ve only skimmed it but I think this is definitely something that a bona fide  Jay-Z fan should have on his or her wishlist. I know at least one person who will be finding this under the tree on Christmas Day. 🙂





Cover of Bright Young Things

For your teenage cousin who’s tired of Gossip Girl

I remember when the Gossip Girl books first popped up and caused a stir. I read a few of them to see what all the hubbub was about. They were okay, not my fave, but I could see why so many young women were going crazy over them. Still, I remember thinking I wasn’t overly impressed with the books. That said, I was glad that YA fiction had graduated from the Sweet Valley drivel that had populated bookshelves when I was a teen.

Then I was in the US and heard about the Luxe novels by Anna Godbersen. I bought the entire series and loved the mix of bitchiness and history. Sure, the characters could be exceedingly annoying at time but the books were pageturners. Now Anna Godbersen has a new series set during the Jazz Age called Bright Young Things. I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet but it’s got me interested. Could be something I send to my Gossip Girl-loving niece…

Cover of Linger

Cover of Linger

Cover of Shiver

And for your younger sister who needs to find something to fill the hole left behind byTwilight

Now that same niece is a diehard Twilight fan as well. She lvoed the books and the movies and she seems to be firmly in the Team Edward camp. I can’t say I was a big fan of the books but I can get why she and millions of other teen girls fell for Twilight. It’s a love story, it deals with the angst in a way that is accessible. It’s got the whole star-crossed lovers thing going on. Yeah, okay, it’s a drag that he glitters in sunlight and lusts for her blood but hey he’s dreamy. Or at least, that’s how I once heard some girls describe the scenario. But now I think it’s time to introduce my niece to the  Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. I read Shiver and Linger and they are magical. Forever, the final book in the series, is slated for release in July 2011.

Cover of His Insignificant Other

And for all the ladies you know who need a dose of chick lit with a twist…

Well, I already told you once before to read Ernessa Carter’s 32 Candles, so I’ll tell you again. Buy it! You should also discover Karen Siplin and ner novels, Such a Girl, Whisky Road and His Insignificant Other.