I am a lucky girl…because I get to read About a Girl!


The lovely cover of Lindsey Kelk’s About a Girl

Last week I found out that my question posed to Lindsey Kelk, one of my favorite writers and the author of the immensely popular I Heart series, was  one of the winning questions–and then yesterday I received my prize, an ARC of her new novel, About a Girl. And then I came home yesterday and found the ARC in my mailbox. What a happy camper I was! 😀

So I started reading it last night and I am hooked. I was reading it during lunch and reluctantly had to put it aside to chat with people. 🙂 Ahh…the bookworm in me wanted to dig deeper into the story but I had to…work. Yes, isn’t it awful when work gets in the way of reading? 😉

Well, as soon as I am given the OK, I will post a review of About a Girl. Until then, I have a message for Lindsey: you have nothing to worry about–I think your fans are going to love this book. I know I am already hooked! 🙂