Review: Something Old by Lena Hart

Something Old (Brides of Cedar Bend Book 1)Something Old by Lena Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a sucker for small-town romances and that’s exactly what you get in Something Old, the first book of Lena Hart’s Brides of Cedar Bend series. Mya and Guy are about to reunite, but it doesn’t go the way Mya had hoped. Which shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise when she left him on their wedding night–even if her reasons for leaving made sense–she was grieving the untimely death of her father and she felt cornered, even if she loved Guy more than she loved life itself. Now two years have passed and she’s back–but can she convince Guy to pick up where they left off?

Something Old is a second chance at love story that revolves around two very stubborn people. Both Mya and Guy want things their way–she wants him to forgive and forget (and I think she expects it a little too easily considering what happened) and Guy wishes she’d leave again so he could get on with his life without her (even though we all know that isn’t what he really wants at all). It’s fun and frustrating watching the two of them, especially when it’s obvious that they both love one another. I really enjoyed this story–my only complaints are that Guy gave in a little too easily for me–he should have made Mya work harder to win his trust and forgiveness again–and Mya’s reasons for staying away as long as she did didn’t really feel convincing. Still, they were fated to be together and their love story was charming.

Highly recommended!

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