Review: Starlight by Xio Axelrod

FS_Starlight_600 Four words: I LOVED THIS BOOK!

Doesn’t matter that I’d read it back when Xio was still trying to decide if Falling Stars would be a series or one book. Reading it again, now with Starlight as its own novel, I fell in love with the characters all over again.

Xio really knows how to pull you into a story, and this continuation of Val and Sam’s love story seriously hooks you. We pick up where Falling Stars left off, with Sam and Val finally seeing one another again after a summer of We the People being on hiatus. The chemistry between them is still smoking hot and–no matter how hard they try to deny it–everyone around them senses that there is more going on than simply a deep friendship. How long can they keep it platonic–even when they cannot seem to resist one another? Well, you have to read Starlight and find out yourself. I’m not giving anything away. 🙂

Sexy, romantic, and a total page-turner, I loved every moment of reading Starlight, and I think you will too. The characters are three-dimensional and there is a strong character arc. The plot moves quickly, but the pacing isn’t break speed. And the ending? Very, very satisfying.

A five-star read–highly recommended!



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