Time to start prepping for the gift-giving season…

It’s only October, I know. But we may as well start thinking about Hanukkah and Christmas presents. The earlier we get our shopping done, the better. And when the people on your list are book nerds, it’s all in the planning–finding the right books and other gifts can be a challenge. (My hubby tells me all the time that it’s hard to figure out what to give me for Christmas…maybe he’ll be following this list as well). 😉

So let’s get things started with a few ideas for gifts–they could work as birthday or wedding presents too–to help you in your quest for a stressfree holiday season.

For the fashionista book nerd

Vintage Black Glamour CoverI found out about Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer through a page on Facebook. The book is a treasure trove of beautiful images and stories about black starlets from Old Hollywood and beyond. These are the stories we never heard about. It’s inspiring. It makes me want to write a novel about a starlet trying to make it back then…and juxtapose her tale with a contemporary counterpart…hmm. Anyway, this book is gorgeous–perfect coffee table book for your fashionista book nerd with a penchant for the glamour girls of old Jet and Ebony magazines. I think I need to order a copy for my mom–especially since the author and my mom share a Smithfield, Virgina connection.

Colors of Fashion plannerFor the organised fashionista, the Colors of Fashion Diary 2015 could be just the thing to make sure she knows where she needs to be (even if she’ll always be fashionably late). It’s spacious enough for scheduling all her appointments and even includes international holidays (I wonder if all the Fashion Weeks are listed). It’s so pretty, I may have to order one for myself and I am nowhere near being a fashionista (far too lazy for that). Another hit from Taschen–and much more affordable than their Prada edition of the Fashion Designers A-Z (which could also be a cool gift if you don’t mind spending €275 on a present for your fashionista book nerd). They also have Stella McCartney, Missoni, Diane von Furstenberg and Etro editions of the same book.

For Cozy Book Nerds

Banned Book MugWhen I read, I hate to be cold. I like wrapping up in cozy throws or having warm, fuzzy socks on my chilly toes to make them nice and toasty. And then there are the cups of coffee or tea that simply must be consumed while reading. So why not sip your favorite beverage while paying homage to all those books misguided people just love banning? I want one! I may love my NaNoWriMo mug, but I could easily imagine drinking coffee out of this mug and I think your book nerd friends would like it too.


Of course, if we’re sipping coffee, we need West Elm Throwsomething cozy to throw across our shoulders or our legs. Sitting still and reading can be so strenuous…and then we’re going to need a nap so we can dream of what we just read! That’s why this double-rib throw from West Elm looks perfect! Hmm…I wouldn’t mind having the chair as well….but we’ll save that for another day. 😉

That’s it for today’s suggestions…there will be more to come over the next few weeks, and I’ll also post a link soon to the Pinterest board where you’ll be able to find these and other suggestions for good presents for book nerds!

happy reading (and writing)!

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