My writing escapes

Tomorrow I’m going on well-deserved vacation. My husband and I are going to Italy, where we’ll celebrate his 44th birthday. While there, I will do what I always do–write.  And this made me think of great places to go when you want to write. I thought I’d share my list of favorites with you.

The Museum District Bed and Breakfast in Richmond, Virginia. Whenever Tord and I head to Richmond to meet friends, we stay here. Anna, the proprietor, is a lovely woman who goes out of her way to make you feel at home. Sitting in her garden or on the front porch, reading or writing is one of my favorite things to do while in Richmond. 


Main branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia at Parkway Central

The main branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. When I was in high school and college, this was where I hid from the world (and the abysmal summer heat and humidity). I studied, I wrote, I dreamed in this perfect temple of the written word. Even now, if I am on my own in Philly, I end up at the Free Library and I write in one of the reading rooms before heading off for a cup of coffee.

La Colombe Coffee near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Another place where I end up when I am in Philly. I like sitting by the window and watching people go by as I eat a solitary late lunch or afternoon snack and imbibe coffee. The baristas are friendly, and it’s a great place for people-watching. 

ImageVittorio Veneto Caffè in Matera, Italy. I usually end up here when I am in Matera for the Women’s Fiction Festival or the Brainstorming at the Spa. The guys who work here are super-friendly and they always make sure I can have a table where I can write. It’s also a great location for watching Italians on their evening stroll. Order a glass of white wine and they’ll bring out a tray of snacks and a bottle of sparkling water for you. Perfect when you aren’t hungry enough for dinner but you’re feeling a little peckish.

Caserma Carina in Mogliano, Italy. This place is so relaxing that Tord and I are heading there for the third time. I get so much writing done here and last year I read five books in 10 days. Beautiful views, lovely hosts, great food and wine. What more could we ask for? 🙂

What about you? When you’re in the mood for a lovely place to read or write, where do you go?



2 thoughts on “My writing escapes

  1. Hmmm, let’s see where do I go? When I was a child my mom worked full time at VCU while she simultaneously took classes. I LIVED in VCU’s library. Having access to what I deemed to be unlimited resources to fuel my imagination was the best thing in the world. When I began to drive I would spend hours in bookstores. The challenging thing is sometimes I get caught up in the emotional struggles of my characters and need a bit of privacy to tear up a bit so I prefer library study carrals. At other times my imagination is fueled by people watching. Any restaurant window at peak time in Carytown or Shockoe Bottom/Slip in Richmond, the Japanese Gardens in Maymont Park in Richmond, a table outside of the Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg or the Virginia Beach oceanfront provide great people watching opportunities, giving me great ideas for scenarios.

    Great blog! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • So true! There are many great places for writing in Richmond. When I studied at VCU, I spent a lot of time writing in the Village Café and in the reading rooms at VCU’s library. My friends and I spent nearly every evening in Chuggers (when it was still open) or at Bidder’s Suite (when that was still open). We’d spend summer Sunday afternoons at James River Park, hanging out on the rocks and taking the occasional dip. I did most of my writing in public places because I couldn’t get much writing done at home. And since all of my friends where in the MFA program with me, we were all talking about writing all the time, which was nice.

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