Review: The French House is a real pageturner!

ImageJust before I headed to Matera for the Brainstorming at the Spa, something wonderful popped up in my mailbox–Nick Alexander‘s new novel, The French House. Now you may remember I interviewed Nick a few weeks ago for Kim Talks Books and I mentioned that he had a new book in the works. Well, the wait is over. As of today, you can purchase your copy of the novel, which is a sequel to The Case of the Missing Boyfriend.

So while I was en route to Matera via Munich, I read The French House and found myself with a book I didn’t want to put down. Fellow book nerds, you know the feeling–when a book is so good you get annoyed when you have to set it aside to do other things–like talk to people, order coffee, say thank you to cabin personnel…that sort of thing. Well, The French House was just that sort of book for me.

The novel is a continuation of CC’s story. She’s found love with the very delectable Victor, who has inherited a farmhouse in the south of France and decided to make a go of it with renovating the house and living his dream of keeping goats and making cheese. CC goes to France to see Victor and, even though life in the mountains is not the south of France life she dreamt of, she is charmed enough to imagine moving there fulltime with Victor. Once she’s back in London, her job feels pointless and she misses Victor enough to make a snap decision to join him there and help him with the renovation.

What starts off as a dream quickly turns into a bit of a nightmare for CC as she realizes that getting things done in the French countryside is more difficult than she and Victor imagined and then there’s Victor’s eccentric aunt who gives CC the heebie-jeebies. Add to it a number of strange mishaps, CC’s mum and the new man in her life, and you have the makings of a story that keeps you hooked until the very last page.

So do I recommend The French House? You bet I do! CC and Victor’s story is not your picture-perfect romance–but who wants that? That would be boring! They are both flawed enough that you love them even when you want to shake some sense into them.

So what do I give The French House? Five stars! And I hope Nick’s got a new book coming out soon! 🙂


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