Sorry for the radio silence (again) and off to Matera!

ImageI know it’s been mighty quiet here at Kim Talks Books and I can only blame it on having a lot on my plate at the office. When I come home, I end up either falling asleep on my sofa or working on Maybe Baby. 

Now I am on my way to Matera, Italy again for the annual Brainstorming at the Spa, which will take place at the Locanda di San Martino. I’m looking forward to brainstorming and discussing writing, to enjoying la dolce vita in Italy and avoiding wintry Stockholm for a while–yes, it’s snowing again. I feel like I live in a snow globe. It’s nice in December. It’s tiresome in March. I’m forever grateful to Elizabeth Jennings for inviting me to the Brainstorming–I think I went to the first one in 2011. It was amazing. 

When I return, I’ll post about the brainstorming sessions and which project I discussed with my writer buddies. 

Until then, hope you’ve all found an awesome book to read. I’m happy–I’ve got my hands on an autographed copy of Nick Alexander‘s new book, The French House. Yay! It’s going to Italy with me. Thanks, Nick! 😀

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Sorry for the radio silence (again) and off to Matera!

  1. I’m so jealous, Kim! I had wanted to go this year, but a hectic travel schedule for work this month means my family would kill me if I left for Matera, too. Next year! Enjoy it for both of us. Loved your comment about feeling as if you’re living in a snow globe — enjoy Italian spring.

    • Thanks! We’re having a great time here–I’ve already brainstormed some plot points that have been bothering me with current book and will probably brainstorm one more book either today or tomorrow.

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