So how did it go with the December Drive to raise money for Stockholms Stadsmission?

Thank-You-Merci-GraciasSadly, my December Drive didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Only 15 people bought copies of Linger: a short story and The Melanie Chronicles. I don’t know who all of the buyers were since not everyone sent messages after they’d completed their purchases, but I thank all of you who tried to help. I will still make a donation to Stockholms Stadsmission at the end of this month. So thank you to the 15 of you who helped. 🙂

But for the 15 people who helped: if you’re reading this message and you weren’t one of the 3 people who emailed me after you purchased, please do mail me . Your names will appear on the acknowledgements page of my next ebook/POD version and you will receive a copy of that book as a gift from me. I haven’t decided yet which book comes out next but it will be a full-length novel. It could be A Little Night Music, The Time Is Now or Snowbound. Maybe Baby is still too rough for publication. I need to revise, revise, revise.

And now…I’m off to write.



2 thoughts on “So how did it go with the December Drive to raise money for Stockholms Stadsmission?

  1. Don’t feel bad, Kim. I was thinking during the drive that many of your friends had most likely already purchased one of the books. The FB drive was kind of “preaching to the choir”, ie we all knew about the books previously. Maybe you can try some sort of drive via the Library or even directly on Amazon.

    • Well, it doesn’t matter in the end, I am still going to make the donation. At least I helped some people buy Christmas trees via Stadsmission and thereby help the organization. But I did figure that–since I have so many Twitter, blog and FB followers–and not all of them have the books–that I could get slightly higher sales and have more money to send to Stadsmission. Anyway, I will make up the difference and make the donation. It was what I’d planned from the beginning.

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