Christmas greetings…

ImageI’m off for a few days to celebrate Christmas in Innsbruck, Austria. It’s the perfect change of scenery after what has been one of the most stressful years I’ve ever been through. I’d hoped to have a new interview and review posted today but I ended up having to spend way too much time stuck in a queue at the post office/Hemköp in Solna Centrum, only to be told that the package (which they lost last week) they said they’d found is, in fact, still lost. At least my other packages where there. But then, on the way home, my bus was late and, when it showed up, there were too many women with baby carriages boarding the bus so I could not get on with my little “dra-mat-en” (a little umbrella-like shopping cart that was full of packages). I had to wait for the next bus, which was also late due to snow. So an errand that should have only taken an hour took almost the entire afternoon.

Anyway…when I return from Innsbruck mid-week, I’ll be posting an interview with Jeffrey Blount, the author of the fantastic YA novel Hating Heidi Foster (available as a print edition and for Kindle). I’ll also post a review of the novel.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas!

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