Forget Twilight, You Need to Read Blood Shadows

ImageEver since I was a child, I’ve always loved vampires. I blame it on all the Hammer Horror films I watched on channels 17 and 48 (if you’re from the Philadelphia area and you grew up in the 1970s/80s, you’ll know exactly what I mean). Many Saturday afternoons were spent watching movies like the Horror of Dracula, the Vampire Lovers or the Satanic Rites of Dracula. I devoured any books I could find that featured vampires. When I was older, my taste in vampire movies changed a bit–I liked the idea of the sexy vampires–the Lost Boys, Near Darkand the Hunger were high on my list of favorite films. Then came the Twilight vampires. I was not a big fan of the books. The movies didn’t do much for me either. By this point in my life, I still wanted sexy vampires, but I also wanted them to have a dangerous edge. I didn’t want sappy vampires who sparkled.

Now I have a new favorite book to add to my list of vampire novel–Lindsay J. Pryor’s Blood Shadows, the first book in the Blackthorn series. It’s a dark, gritty paranormal romance that’s thrilling, sexy and a definite must-read.

Blood Shadows is set in a dystopian world where humans rule and vampires (and other supernatural beings) are second-class citizens. Enter into this world Caitlin Parish, a shadow reader for the Vampire Control Unit, who is on a quest to find the creature that killed her parents. She uses her VCU mission to hunt down master vampire Kane Malloy, who’s trying to get retribution for his sister’s murder, to further her search. Already from the onset, there is a palatable tension between Caitlin and Kane and as this attraction grows, the reader is pulled in–you know they’re enemies, you know they shouldn’t be together at all and yet you long for it. Perfect!

One thing I hate is when books are too simplistic or when everything ties up a little too neatly, especially suspense or horror novels. I want action, I want complications, I want to be sitting on the edge of my seat. Blood Shadows delivers on all three counts. As Caitlin gets closer to the truth, the pace quickens and the plot twists catch you unawares. I was sucked in, reading well into the night when I should have been sleeping. And I don’t regret it one bit!

After all the Twilight hype and the Twilight copies, I’d begun to lose faith in vampire novels. Now I can say my faith has been restored. Lindsay J. Pryor’s Blood Shadows is the sort of page-turner you never want to end. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. And I think you’ll be hooked too.

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