Nanowrimo Day 19 Update & Chapter 5 Online Now…

So now I am nineteen days into Nanowrimo and the following things are true: a) my hands and wrists are tired from writing so much, b) the story still needs work but I have a good skeleton draft to work on over the next few months, c) I’m on target.

This was a good writing weekend. The words flowed, even if they aren’t cleverly written or little nuggets of perfection. They usually never are at first draft stage. And while I still need to make the setting come alive and add more character description and get rid of some of the dialogue tags and replace them with action, I know how my story will end, I have a clear direction in mind. There’s nothing worse than when you’re working on something and there is no direction. Or the direction is muddled. Ah well, I know where Laney is going. I also know what’s going to happen to Mads, Niklas, Ingrid, Anton, Eddy and Andreas. I even know what’s going to happen to the snarky step-kids, Astrid and Jesper.

On 1 December, I will rest my fingers. On 2 December, I’ll start jotting down revision notes. Then, at some point in 2013, I will release Maybe Baby. Or…maybe I will send it to Bookouture.

By the way, Chapter Five is online now. Just click on “Nanowrimo 2012” and you’ll find it there. Chapters 3 & 4 are also still available. Scroll down on the same page and you’ll find them.

Happy reading (and writing)!

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