Nanowrimo 2012 Update — Day 16

Today is a quickie since I am trying to reach my target word count. I was a little too quick in taking down Chapter 3 so I’ve reposted it together with Chapter 4. Sorry for being a bit too hasty! 🙂

I’m closing in on 26,000 words. I need to reach 26,666 words tonight. I’m already at 25,462–though I have to say that Chapter 7 is getting off to a really crappy start. I am telling myself not to care–just keep writing and fix it later. So I warn you, when I finally post Chapter 7 it will be a clunker.

But that’s the beauty of Nanowrimo–you’re writing quick and dirty. You just get the words out and you don’t care if they’re not your most magnificent. You don’t care if the sentence syntax is screwy. You write, you drink coffee, you sleep, you write some more. And on 1 December–if you’re lucky, you rest and tell yourself to start the revision process in a few weeks.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go back to writing!


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