Need a short story to tide you over? Linger is live for Kindle

ImageWhile I’ve been Nanowriming, I haven’t completely neglected all my other in-progress projects. Along with trying to tighten one problem section of Snowbound,I’ve also been revising and editing a short story I started a long time ago called “Linger”. Now “Linger” is available for Kindle for $0.99USD. I know some people will wonder why it’s so cheap (I can imagine some people will think I should give it away. But I felt that it wasn’t fair to charge the same price for one story as I did for the three stories in The Melanie Chronicles. Why only for Kindle? Since it’s only one story and since the majority of people who have purchased The Melanie Chronicles did so for Kindle–Kindle-friendly purchases make up nearly 100% of my sales–I decided to go with Kindle Direct Publishing for “Linger”. I have another short story collection in mind for publication at a later date. “Linger” will be included in that publication, which will be available for all e-reader formats. I’ll keep you posted about the launch date for my new collection of stories. 

So what’s“Linger” about? It’s about an American woman living in Sweden who is haunted by her grief and by the ghost of her husband. 

I’ve tried to fix any formatting kinks. I previewed it with Kindle’s Preview Viewer and it looked fine but please do let me know if there were any hiccups. 

You can purchase “Linger” here

By the way, I finally caught up with Nanowrimo–I am on target now with daily word counts. Yay, me!

Happy reading (and nanowriming)!

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