Reminder: Giveaway ends on August 24

This book could be yours…

Just a little reminder that you only have 10 more days to win a copy of The Circle, the phenomenal YA paranormal novel that’s taken Sweden by storm.

All you have to do is tell me a story about your spookiest experience ever and you could be one of the lucky winners. I’ve already received a few good entries…and I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

Leave a comment here with your story or send it via email to

The 2 spookiest stories win! And this is an international giveaway–so *everyone* can enter. So what are you waiting for? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Giveaway ends on August 24

  1. I had several supernatural experiences that were unexplainable when I was a teenager. The scariest was when I was home alone and talking on the phone to my boyfriend. All the lights in the house were off except for the one in my bedroom. All of a sudden I just start hearing the sounds of heavy boots in my brother’s room. His room was diagonal from mine to the right of the hallway. For a few seconds I thought my family just got back from my aunt’s house, but there was no way they could have come in without me hearing them. Suddenly I am frozen with fear and strongly feel I am not alone in the house. I tell my boyfriend I think someone is breaking into my house and he is telling me to jump out my window and run. Take the phone with me and get out of the house. I hear the clunking of boots on and off, but they seem to stay in my brother’s room. I of course do the opposite of what my boyfriend told me to do and open my door to see what is happening. I am the stupid teenage girl in the movie that gets killed for her stupidity, lol. The rest of the house is pitch black and suddenly there is no more sound. It’s like someone put the mute button on. I suddenly feel I need to get out, so I run from my room to the front door and out the house into the front yard. By this time my boyfriend is coming around the corner in his boxers with a bat and flies into the house to see if he can find anyone. He comes out completely speechless and out of breath. He says there is nobody in there, but there is something you need to see. He takes me to my brother’s room and by the window there are muddy boot tracks. Huge boot tracks. They seemed to go into a circular pattern, round and round. Window was closed and locked. No muddy prints anywhere else in the house, so who or what was it? We went outside with a flashlight to check for boot prints on the outside of the window. Nothing. He said when he went into the house he could feel something there, but could not see it. We were both at a loss trying to figure out what just happened. My brother never said anything about strange things happening in his room, so it was so out of nowhere this happens when I am there by myself. Just one of those things that always stays with you years later. And it still gives me goosebumps, gaaaah!

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