Lost in books…finally a review!

I know…I know….I have been very bad lately, not making time to update my kimtalksbooks, which was very naughty of me. I blame it on life with a capital “L”.  I went on holiday, returned to chaos at work, waded through said chaos, had many side projects, waded through those, went to Copenhagen and now it’s back to normal until mid-August, when I will be in the US for two weeks. So what have I been up to, besides working and feeling like my head was spinning? Not much writing but a helluva lot of reading. So what was I reading, you wonder? One of the books on my list was Threads of Betrayal by Monica Koldyke Miller.

Threads of Betrayal is the kind of historical novel you can really sink your teeth into. Set in pre-Civil War USA, Threads of Betrayal tells the story of Reagan and Amanda and the trials and tribulations that thrown in their path. From the moment they first meet, they are attracted to one another, but Reagan is insistent that he isn’t interested in settling down. He wants to prove himself to his father, who doesn’t think he’s ready to shoulder the responsibility of the family’s logging company.

Throughout the novel, plenty of lies, foibles and machinations threaten to keep them apart but you’re rooting for them no matter what. Miller has threaded the story with enough twists to keep you turning the page, even when you should really be going to bed so you can go to work the next day. 🙂 I loved Reagan and Amanda and I think you’ll love them too.  I really enjoyed Threads of Betrayal and give it a 4-star review! Now, listen to me and check out this book. 🙂

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