Crack the writing whip!

Thanks to J.L. Gentry, a sci-fi/techno writer I follow on Twitter, I found out about #WIP500–it’s like Nanowrimo but it lasts all year. Go to Definitely Literate/#WIP500,  commit to write 500 words per day on your work-in-progress and then update at least once a week.

Cara Michaels is the brainchild behind #WIP500. She is a fellow Nanowrimo veteran and indie writer of heroic science fiction and paranormal fantasy. Check out her blog for writing advice, challenges and info on her books. Get thee there now… 🙂

I usually manage 500 words a day without too much hassle but I like having a goal that isn’t simply “hey, get up and write” or “you said you’d finish that draft before the end of the month”.  Plus, there are those days when reading celebrity gossip on Huffington Post distracts me enough that I get no writing done during the time planned.

I’m already going to do an online Butt-to-Chair writing session with Liz Jennings and Sheila Redling later today, so having #WIP500 as something to keep me focussed is perfect.

So the rest of you writers out there who are reading my blog, maybe #WIP500 is something for you…?

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