Flex your writing muscle in Greece in August

Lovely Ithaca, Source: http://hwrw.blogspot.se/

A fellow writer asked me if I could help spread the word about a writer’s retreat (the Homeric Writers’ Retreat) that I think would be of interest to my expat readers who are in Europe since the airfare wouldn’t be as expensive as it would be for my North American readers.

I met Chuck Sambuchino from Writer’s Digest back in 2008 at the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy. Chuck and author Jessica Bell will be leading a new writer’s retreat on the island of Ithaca in Greece 2-8 August. Here’s the website: http://hwrw.blogspot.com/.

Retreat attendees will receive instruction in perfecting pitch, writing a novel synopsis, getting the perfect query letter, comprehensive critique of WIP’s (work in progress) first 40 pages, etc.

It looks like this will be a pretty interesting event. I wish I could attend but I will be in the US that week. If any of you decide to go, I expect a full update on what it was like! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flex your writing muscle in Greece in August

  1. Oh, wow, Kim! Pretty tempting…
    Like you, I’ll be in the US during that time, but I’ll be curious to read the follow-up, too, and maybe I’ll have the chance to go in the future. Although those beaches do NOT look very conducive to writing…. or maybe I’m just far too easily distracted. : )

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