I have an author page

Just a quickie: since I am now self-publishing, I figured I needed an author page. I have 2–one on Facebook and one on Amazon. Soon, I will have an ebookstore on CreateSpace (will let you know when it will be live).  So, my lovely readers, if you like me here, please like me on Facebook and Amazon. 🙂

My author pages are works-in-progress–I need a better author picture (must ask a photographer friend to help me with that) and I am trying to think of what sort of goodies should be on these pages aside from info about my book(s). 

I’ve started planning covers for my next publishing forays. I think I may share them with you later this week and we can vote on which are best….


9 thoughts on “I have an author page

  1. Hi Kim. I went to your Facebook and Amazon pages and clicked “Like.” I also left a comment on both pages. Glad you self-published your book. I also have a page on Amazon and CreateSpace eStore. Will you be doing any virtual book tours. I host two sites, Positively Publishing and Goddess Fish Promotions. For more details, go to http://oneworldsingles.blogspot.com and click on their banners to your right.

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