I have an author page

Just a quickie: since I am now self-publishing, I figured I needed an author page. I have 2–one on Facebook and one on Amazon. Soon, I will have an ebookstore on CreateSpace (will let you know when it will be live). ย So, my lovely readers, if you like me here, please like me on Facebook and Amazon. ๐Ÿ™‚

My author pages are works-in-progress–I need a better author picture (must ask a photographer friend to help me with that) and I am trying to think of what sort of goodies should be on these pages aside from info about my book(s).ย 

I’ve started planning covers for my next publishing forays. I think I may share them with you later this week and we can vote on which are best….


9 thoughts on “I have an author page

  1. Hi Kim. I went to your Facebook and Amazon pages and clicked “Like.” I also left a comment on both pages. Glad you self-published your book. I also have a page on Amazon and CreateSpace eStore. Will you be doing any virtual book tours. I host two sites, Positively Publishing and Goddess Fish Promotions. For more details, go to http://oneworldsingles.blogspot.com and click on their banners to your right.

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