What I actually read for Easter–The Jane Austen Marriage Manual

This weekend, I ended up reading a completely different book than I’d planned. I finished reading The Somnambulist before heading to my in-laws. While going through my stack of books I stumbled upon one I’d picked up in Heathrow on way home from the US–Kim Izzo’s The Jane Austen Marriage Manual. I don’t know why I keep picking up these books connected to Jane Austen. I love Jane Austen novels but I am not a fanatic. Lately though, everything Austen has been like comfort food for me. Anyway, I started reading it and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t go overboard in trying to be a new Jane Austen novel. I liked how Izzo gives us a heroine who is at wit’s end–no job, lost her home, broke–and comes up with a plot that is a little-far-fetched but still so entertaining you go along for the ride. Our broke heroine, Katherine, agrees to write an article for a fashion magazine about marrying well based on advice Jane Austen would’ve given. Except Katherine decides she isn’t just going to write the article, she’s going to live it. She figures love hasn’t given her what she wanted from a relationship so why not marry for money. And she learns a few lessons along the way. I am halfway through the book and finding it difficult to put down. In fact, in a few minutes, I am going back into my living room to settle down on my couch and read a bit more.

And then there is my own writing–I was going through my flash drive and found a novel I’d stupidly shelved a few years ago. I started reading what I’d written and was surprised by how much I’d actually completed–over 40,000 words of what I’d planned on being a 65,000-word novel. I think I will finish it and send it out into the world as an ebook + POD version via CreateSpace. Originally the working title for this WIP was See How They Shine For You–way too long. Now it’s called A Little Night Music. Not sure how long it will take to finish it, but as soon as it’s done, I’ll let you know.

Did the Easter Bunny leave you any nice surprises? 🙂

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