Supporting my Brainstorming at the Spa buddies

My Kindle, living la dolce vita.On Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be heading towards Matera (via Munich). I’ve met some amazing people there and I think you should get to know them too. Please do support my writing friends in their endeavors!

  • Claude Nougat, author of the Forget the Past series and a prolific blogger.
  • Elizabeth Jennings, romantic suspense author of Darkness at Dawn and the brilliant mastermind behind the Women’s Fiction Festival and Brainstorming at the Spa in Matera, Italy.
  • Elizabeth Aston, author of The World, the Flesh and the Bishop, she also writes under the name Elizabeth Edmondson.
  • Nancy Barone Wythe, romantic suspence author of the Sicilian Lovers trilogy who lives and writes on Sicily (can you tell I am a tad bit envious?) 🙂
  • Anselm Audley, fantasy author of the Aquasilva Trilogy and publisher behind Attica Books (ask him about the evil uncle!)
  • Cassy Pickard, mystery writer and Italophile who has also been helping me whip my project into shape.
  • S.G. Redling, thriller writer whose debut novel, Flowertown, is available for pre-order now.
  • Ingrid Christensen, chef/writer/restorer of Italian villa, read her blog and follow the progress of her restoration project in Abruzzo.
  • Rosemary Laurey, romance writer and author of Chase the Cook, who knows a thing or two about dragons.
  • Ann Reavis, freelance travel writer and tour guide whose working on a YA novel that sounds amazing.
  • Christine Witthohn, literar agent and owner of Book Cents Literary Agency, who facilitates for us and tries to keep us focused.

This list is incomplete and I will add everyone else soon but it’s enough to get you started. So what are you waiting for? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Supporting my Brainstorming at the Spa buddies

  1. See you in Matera, Kim!! I can’t wait to start our next round of involved and focused commentary. Nothing beats this group.

  2. Hey, really looking forward to it, Kim, what a great group! Just wanted to add a little note: I’ve given UP on the “Forget the Past” series: it’s a single novel now (put all 3 ebooks into one) and it’s called (simply) FEAR OF THE PAST, a novel…

    Why did I do this? Because I had made a big marketing mistake when I released it in the form of a trilogy (3 ebooks published at 3 months interval) – not clever at all really, but I guess, live and learn! And learning about book promotion has been a very STEEP learning curve for me!!! I talked about this very openly on my blog and I can explain the reasons why I made this drastic change when we’re in Matera…

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