What to do with an ex-boyfriend…?

Sarra Manning's latest novel

Last year, I read Sarra Manning’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me and loved it. I loved it so much that I was a bit envious of her for writing it. It was the first novel I’d read by Manning. Her YA books are available here in Sweden in Swedish but I hadn’t read them. Despite my resolution last year to read more books in Swedish, I have not really managed to do so (other than grim, Fyr and Simona Ahrnstedt’s Överenskommelser). Then I happened to check out her blog a few weeks ago and found out she had a new book out, namely Nine Uses for An Ex-Boyfriend. I liked the title. It was catchy. Then I read the  synopsis on her blog and had an “ooooh!” moment.

Yes, I had to buy it.

The plot revolves around Hope Delafield and what happens after she catches her boyfriend, Jack, locking lips with her best friend, Susie. We follow Hope as she goes through the emotional minefield of discovering that the person you love best cannot be trusted. Hope tries to figure out what she wants and how to win back Jack’s affection. The question is if he’s worth it and is she hanging on to something worth saving or is it nostalgia and fear that is keeping her love alive.

I knew this book was a keeper when I didn’t even want to stop reading it while I was eating dinner. I was thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. I re-read chapters because the story was so interesting. I found myself getting grumpy when I couldn’t read it on the subway or at lunch or during my coffee break. Yes, it was that good.

So what’s the consensus? It’s simple — order this book for your e-reader of pick up a print copy. If you like reading relationship dramas, if you love reading stories set in London, if you have parents who used to try to rule your life, then you should read this book.

My rating for Nine Uses for An Ex-Boyfriend: 5/5.

Back later this week with an author interview, a new review and maybe a little news…

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