A Few More Gifts for Book Lovers — Part Four

As promised, here’s the final installment of my series on gift ideas for your favorite book lovers. Since people say we book lovers are notoriously difficult to shop for, I thought I’d bring you a few more ideas for gifts to make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

This time, our list is short and sweet. Just three items that could really help you with those final items on your Christmas shopping list… and let’s face it, we book lovers are kind of hard to shop for–we don’t like other people picking out books for us but we’d rather you didn’t simply hand us a card with some money in it. 🙂

Something Practical…

For the book lover who is always on to move, Moleskine journals are the perfect gift. They are stylish, durable and come in lots of versions to satisfy even the pickiest book lover. I am a Moleskine junkie–I have tons of them and I jot down everything from “to do” lists to ideas for future short stories and novels. I always have one with me when I am traveling and now Moleskine has come out with the Moleskine Travel Gift Box Set, the Gourmet Gift Box Set, the Writing Gift Box Set, the Drawing Gift Box Set and the Gardening Gift Box Set. The Travel Gift Box Set includes a Moleskine Passions 240-page lined journal with 5 themed sections and two luggage tags. It all comes in a very nice gift box so your friend can always keep track of their journal and tags by popping it back in the box and placing the box in their bookcase. The recommended retail price for the Travel Gift Box Set is $49.95 but you may be able to find it at a much lower price online or in a bricks-and-mortar bookstore. You can either order the gift set directly from Moleskine or check with your favorite local bookseller.

A Flight of Fancy…

Jane Austen Charm Bracelet from the Jane Austen Gift Shop

A few days ago I found the Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop online and it’s the perfect place to buy a nice present for your Jane Austen-loving friends. One of my favorite items there was the Jane Austen charm bracelet. The bracelet and its charms are made of 925 silver, and each charm is a miniature of a Jane Austen novel. Open the charm and it features a line from one of her novels. Such a charming gift! It’s a tad bit expensive at £200 ($322 USD) but this is one of those flights of fancy presents… And just think how thrilled your Jane Austen-loving friend will be when she opens the box. 🙂

If You’re Still Stumped…

Then you can always do the obvious: give your book-loving friend a gift certificate to a bookstore. But if you do, please support an independent bookstore in your friend’s neighborhood. Supporting a local bookstore means supporting local communities and job-creation. To find an indie bookstore near you (or your book-loving friend), go to IndieBound. You can also browse the independent booksellers’ bestsellers list and get ideas for books for kids, among other things. So go local, go to your local bookseller.

That’s it for this year! Hope you’re nearly done now with your Christmas shopping! Coming soon we’ll have some more book reviews, my list of 2011’s favorite Christmas reads and what I’ll be reading in 2012.


7 thoughts on “A Few More Gifts for Book Lovers — Part Four

  1. When I was given, a beautiful bookmark engraved with my name and a personal inscription that was light and designed perfectly for any book I was thrilled. It was a wonderful gift and was perfect for not losing on long trips I was and are still taking for work through Dish Network. My boyfriend is thinking of getting me a Kindle, which I would love to have although I enjoy the traditional avenue of holding a book in my hands and feeling the pages as I read the words. Instead, I recommended we get a Sling Adapter, which is free form Dish Network right now, and he could get me an iPad as I could use that in airport lounges making the time go faster. There is so much content on Dishonline that my movie fascination would be satiated and he could enjoy the technology as well by having access to our programming wherever he is. I’m thinking of starting a film blog that focuses on films that are adapted from books so this will be perfect!

    • I always lose bookmarks so I have given up on them but a bookmark with a personal inscription sounds like a great gift. 🙂 I have a Kindle too and I love it–though I don’t love the fees Amazon now charges those of us living overseas to use their Whispernet–which they still keep claiming is free. Nowadays I just download all Kindle books to my Mac and then sync my Kindle to get the books transferred and then I don’t have to pay the extra fee.

  2. Wow, you’ve got a lot of imagination around books as a theme! I really like the idea of giving books and things that go with them…Because so much of Christmas giving is over the top, as if everyone tried to equate the amount of love with the amount of $$$ spent! I hate that equation, unfortunately a lot of people live by it!

    • Thanks, Claude! I started thinking about good gifts for book lovers a few years ago when I noticed that my in-laws always say they never know what to give me for Christmas or my birthday. Then several friends told me they were getting similar complaints from friends and relatives. I figured why not focus on things book lovers like (besides books). I just hope my lists are useful. 🙂

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