Even More Gifts for Book Lovers — Part Three

I don’t think I am alone in being a book nerd who likes coffee. I drink absurd amounts of it. Nearly all the book nerds I know love coffee or tea, love spending time in places where they can read and drink their favorite hot beverage…and they love cookies. I only know one book nerd who isn’t a cookie monster but then she doesn’t like snacks either…maybe she is really a pod person? But that’s another story! If you’re still banging your head against a wall looking for gifts for your favorite book nerd, why not try gifts that will help her (or him) do their second-favorite thing in all the world–drink coffee (or tea) and get lost in a book…?

Cool Coffee Mugs

I love coffee mugs. I especially love diner-style coffee mugs. They fit so nicely in my hand and it feels wonderful to have coffee or hot chocolate in my favorite mug. I’ve found a few that I think my fellow book nerds will like. I even own one of them already and have my eye on the others as future coffee mugs to have at home and at work.

Ceramic Script Frenzy Mug

If your book nerd friends are also (aspiring) screenwriters, then the Script Frenzy Bistro Mug could be the perfect accessory for their messy desk. Brought to you be Letters and Light, the people who bring us Nanowrimo, Script Frenzy and the Nanowrimo Young Writers Program, this mug is shiny, cobalt blue and packs a whopping 15 ounces of coffee for the writing soul. And while you’re at it, why not make a donation to Nanowrimo in your friend’s name so Nanowrimo and Script Frenzy can survive another year.


Wuthering Heights Penguin Book Cover Mug

Ever since I first saw Penguin’s book cover mugs, I have coveted them. I want them all. I think I will treat myself to one or two this year (it’s convenient that Christmas and my birthday are so close–I can treat myself to loads of presents). I’ve been thinking about getting one to have at work since I don’t like using paper cups. The question is–how to decide which one would best suit my desk…and then if I had four at home I could make sure my book nerd girlfriends all had fun mugs from which to drink their coffee when they come by…hmm. Well, I think your book nerd friends would love one of these Penguin mugs–they speak to the writer who lives in every book nerd’s soul. 🙂 If you live in the US, these may be hard to find but Bloomsbury & Co ships internationally so they could help you. In Sweden, we can buy these mugs at Pocket Shop. The store at Sergels Torg has a nice selection, by the way.

Barista Gift Box from Dean & Deluca

Now if you really want to splurge, you could treat your favorite book nerd (or yourself) to the Dean and Deluca Barista Gift. It comes with three sampler bags of Dean and Deluca Espresso, Breakfast Blend and French Roast, 2 diner mugs, a bag of chocolate espresso beans, a Chemex coffee maker and coffee filters. I am already in love with it. I may have to treat myself to this the next time I am in the US. 🙂 It costs $95 and you can never go wrong with a gift box from Dean and Deluca.

A Comfy Chair and a Throw

The Saybrook Wicker Wingback Armchair from Pottery Barn

I’ve got a thing about chairs. I don’t know why–especially since my balcony isn’t big enough to house all the chairs I’d like to have. I think most book nerds like comfy chairs in which we can enjoy our favorite books. I love sitting outside and feeling the sun on my skin as I read. I have this dream that one day I will have a nice lawn (that someone else takes care of because I don’t have a green thumb), lilac bushes and a magnolia tree, and lots of Adirondack chairs with comfy cushions for good measure. Until that dream comes true, I will drool over the Saybrook All-Weather Wicker Wingback Armchair from Pottery Barn. It looks like the perfect chair for spending a lazy afternoon reading A Room with a View or 32 Candles or Darkness at Dawn. Okay, the chair is pricey–at $699 it definitely breaks my budget but it just looks so nice…well, a girl can dream.

Monogrammable Throw from Pottery Barn

But if you want to be more reasonable (and I don’t blame you) a nice throw is always a good present for a book nerd. We get chilly when we’re sitting there reading and something nice and soft and warm to put around our shoulders is just the thing to keep us toasty (well, a cuddle is also good).  Pottery Barn has some nice monogrammable ones (even better! We love personalized gifts!) in great colors. And they’re only $39. Not bad! 🙂 The faux fur one is also very cozy-looking. We bought one last year from West Elm and it’s stylish and warm–talk about combining fashion and function.

Something for the Littlest Book Nerd

The t-shirt that says it all, from Penguin

I firmly believe that you should help children love reading from an early age. And for the wee ones who can’t read yet but who like being read to, well let’s start them off early with  proclaiming their love for books (even if it’s just chewing on them) with a t-shirt that says it all. Penguin Books has a great toddler tee that let’s your wee one tell the world how much the love books. If I had kids, I would put this shirt on them everyday. 🙂


Peter Rabbit Zoobie, from Penguin USA

And then there is the Peter Rabbit Zoobie, which is perfect for future book nerds. It’s cute and your pregnant book nerd friend will love you for helping to introduce her future progeny to a children’s classic (pair it with a copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and she’ll love you even more). You will be forever remembered as the cool aunt/uncle/friend with good taste in books and prezzies for the tykes. And that’s always a good thing.

That’s it for now…I’ll be back with Part Four (the final part of my gift ideas posts) mid-week.

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