I am a NaNoWinner

That's me!

At 6:48AM this morning, something magical happened: I wrote the last sentence of my NaNoWriMo novel. I was so focused on writing that I forgot to eat breakfast. My fingers danced over the keyboard and so many ideas sprang into my head that I could barely keep up with them. Then I looked up at my Project Targets window in Scrivener and realized that I had written more than 50,000 words. I was done. For a few minutes, I was completely stunned–this was the first time I’d finished Nanowrimo on time–in fact, I finished it a day early.

But my joy was short-lived–when I tried to validate, the Official Nanowrimo Validator claimed I hadn’t written 50,000+ words. According to the validator, I was shy of the official target by 367 words. I wanted to scream. I checked Scrivener.  The Project Target window still showed 50,067 words. I tried again. Nope, the NaNoValidator still claimed I was short of words. So what was I to do? I wanted to validate my novel so I wrote exactly 367 more words just so it would be “official”.

But the most important thing is that I did it–I managed to write the first draft of a novel that I can revise and either submit to agents or publish myself and I did it in 29 days. I am proud of myself for actually writing so quickly and ignoring my inner editor and my evil inner critic and wrote without worrying if every sentence was perfect or if I forgot to bring in some plot points until I was nearly finished the book. I can fix all those problems when I revise and I don’t have to feel like I can’t finish Nanowrimo on time anymore. I know I can. Because I did. 🙂

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