Nano Update Week 4 — 40K? You betcha!

Picture: Andy Shapiro

This week has been a really productive writing week. The words have flowed easily, even without having the final chapters outlined. My characters are, for the most part, doing what I want them to do. The manuscript is, of course, not perfect. There are scenes that are nothing more than dialogue–those “talking head” scenes where you don’t bother to add details about who is where or how they react physically. There are scenes that are way too much “telling” instead of “showing”. All of that will be fixed when I begin revising. I am just happy that I made it this far without falling completely off track.

If I am lucky this weekend, I may actually be able to wrap up this baby. I am not going to count on it. Who knows if I will have the steam to write as much as I did last weekend. I may be too busy making my belated Thanksgiving dinner. As long as I get my word count goals completed I will be happy. So what is my official word count now? 40,330 words. I have roughly 1200 more words to write today to reach my minimum daily word count. I will write the rest of it when I come home from work. Right now, it’s 6:30AM in Stockholm and I need to eat breakfast. I’ve already put in a half-hour of writing.

So what’s happening now? The roads are finally open again. The people of hunters Grove are digging themselves out of the remnants of the storm. Mia and Jake get another surprise visitor…and it doesn’t look good for Evan… I wonder what will happen next. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… 🙂

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