Nano Update Week 4 — Only 14,000 more words to go!

Photo: Gary Stanley

Considering how awful week 3 started off, this is the best Nanowrimo I’ve ever had! I was four days behind and I managed to get back on track. I am now on par, by the end of today I will be at around 37,000 words. So at the moment I have 14,000 more words to go but by the time I stop writing today, I will be at 13,000 words and counting.

I realize now that every year in the past (with the exception of the first time I did Nanowrimo) I managed to get stuck in the Nano Taco (as Chris Baty calls it)–the toughest period when you’ve come to around 20000 words and your brain short circuits. This year, I made sure I had a good outline so I could stay (for the most part) on track. The story I am writing isn’t exactly the same as the one I outlined but it hasn’t veered so far off course. I’ve managed to hold the story together by not getting too caught up when I can’t think of what I want minor characters to do or say. Now I don’t even worry about it. I just tell my Inner Editor/Critic to wait until later when it’s time to revise. Then I jot down some notes of how I think I can fix it and move on.

So what’s going on the story? The storm has passed but the problems it caused are still looming. Can Jake and Mia work through them? Or will Evan’s scheming push them apart…? We’ll see…

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