Nano Update Week 3–Crossed the 25K Threshold

I did it! I crossed the 25000-word threshold! I am still behind in my word count but I have written enough so that I’ve shaved off two of the four days I’d fallen behind schedule. Last night, I wrote over 3250 words total. The night before I wrote 2500 words. I want to make it to 30000 or more words by Sunday. If I write at least 2000 words per day between now and then I will have 31000 words. I could probably write more, I am getting to an interesting part of the story.

And what’s that? Well, a snowstorm is blowing in from Canada. Mia and Jake are getting closer…and now Evan, the married ex-, has called and said he’s on his way. Will Mia’s newfound resolve falter when she sees him again?

2 thoughts on “Nano Update Week 3–Crossed the 25K Threshold

    • Thanks, Vivienne! It took a lot out of me, I can tell you. I was still not feeling 100% better when I had to force myself to write. Sinus problems…the bane of my existence…are not conducive to writing. In fact, they make you not want to write at all–especially when it feels like your face is going to explode from all the pressure. Thank God I am feeling better. 🙂

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