Nano Update: Week 3

Well, this week has been a week marked by sluggishness. Not because I am losing steam. This is sluggishness caused by having the cold from Hell. I should be closing in on 30,000 words by now. Actually, today I should be at the 26,666-word mark. I am nowhere near there. I am at 21,899 words. Why? Well, on Friday, I began feeling under the weather. It started with a bit of brain fog, the telltale sign of upcoming sinus problems and cold. I ignored it. I thought it was just that I was hungry and my blood-sugar levels were low from not having a mid-day snack. Then I woke up on Saturday and the back of my nose and throat burned. I still thought it was no big deal. Took my multivitamin, went for a walk, came home and did some writing. And then the sneezing started. And then the fever came. And then the runny nose made its appearance. By Sunday, my nose was sore, congested and runny. My sinuses throbbed. By Monday, I was running a fever of 100.2°F (37.9°C). I have been trying to stay on track but writing with a fever has proved impossible. I didn’t manage to get any writing done on Monday. I was feeling a bit better on Tuesday and managed to write 2000 words. If I am lucky, I will manage 2000 words today. At least the fever is gone. The main thing plaguing me now is inner-ear pain caused by pressure from my congested sinuses. I will probably go back to work tomorrow since the fever is now gone. I will need to bust my ass the rest of the week and this weekend to get back on track.

So what’s happening now? Not much. A long, meandering chapter in which Jake and Mia go to a tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. And Jake realizes he’s attracted to Mia. And since my story is set in Vermont, I figured we could enjoy a view of the Northeast Kingdom region in Vermont I found on Yankee Magazine‘s website. It was a reader-submitted photograph for their 2011 Autumn Photo contest but I couldn’t find the name of the photographer.

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