Nano Update: End of Week 2

I am coming to what many say is the hardest part of Nanowrimo–getting past the 20,000-word threshold. I am pretty close. I should have crossed it yesterday but I had a translation to work on and I wasn’t feeling well (and I went out after work on Thursday and Friday). My plan was to spend all Saturday writing. For the most part, I did. But, since I fell behind already on Thursday, I had a lot of writing to do. Still, I think today I will be able to pass 20000 words and be on par for the Sunday goal.

So what’s happening in my story now? Well, Mia goes into the guest house attic when Jake isn’t at home to look for her grandmother’s Christmas decorations. While searching, she finds Jake’s trunks full of his camera equipment and notebooks. Snoopy girl that she is, she reads part of one of his journals and learns that Jake was in Afghanistan, working for Reuters, when he saw a woman killed by a sniper. She’s stunned by the flood of emotions in his writing and wonders if this is what has indirectly led him to Vermont.

That’s it for now. Time to get dressed, take a walk and then head to Thelins Konditori for some java, lunch and writing.

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