Women’s Fiction Festival 2011

Next Wednesday I will be in Matera for the annual Women’s Fiction Festival and I can’t wait to be there. I desperately need a dose of Italy, creativity and the company of other writers. I feel like I am stuck in a writing slump, most likely caused by still grieving my dearly departed grandfather, too much going on at work and the evil autumn darkness descending upon Sweden. I just thank my lucky stars that I don’t live in northern Sweden, where by December there will be 24 hours of darkness. At least here in Stockholm we still get a reasonable amount of light–as long as the cloud cover isn’t too thick.

I’ve been checking out the program for this year’s festival and I’ve found some interesting sessions to participate in:

  • Christine Witthohn‘s class on pitching to agents ( a must! I am not very good at that yet…)
  • Sophie King‘s creative writing workshop (could be the creative boost I need!)
  • Brainstorming session with Sophie King (another possible boost for creativity, yay!)
  • Digital publishing (very interested in this, need some advice on proceeding with this)
  • Using Social Media to brand yourself (always good to know…)
I will be sitting in on a lot of the discussions + soaking up la dolce vita in Matera. I’ll pay a visit to my favorite barkeep/barista Franco at the Bar Sedile (hopefully, I can sit outside and do a little people-watching).
This time I will be staying at Albergo del Sedile, a cute boutique hotel overlooking the Piazza Sedile. I stayed there the first time I was in Matera and loved it. It’s in a great location, the rooms are super-comfortable and it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from where most of the festival activities will be taking place.
I’ll spoil Tord with some Italian goodies when I return to Stockholm. And hopefully, after five days there I will be in the mood to write and gear up for Nanowrimo 2011. That’s the plan…

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