I loved “One Day”

I forgot to mention in my previous post re: vacation in Philadelphia that I saw One Day (based on the stellar novel by David Nicholls–he also wrote the screenplay) while I was there. Since its release, the film has received mixed reviews, with one critic from the Philadelphia Inquirer saying the characters where unappealing.

I loved the film. My one complaint? I wished it were longer. There were scenes missing that would have fleshed out the characters a little more and would have given us (especially people who’ve never read the book) a better idea of why Emma was so insecure about her own talents and why she stayed so long in her relationship with stand-up comedian boyfriend, Ian.

I was initially a bit skeptical about Anne Hathaway but–even with her accent not really being perfect–I thought she was great as Emma. Jim Sturgess was perfect as Dex. I think I developed a wee crush on him–Nikolaj may slide down a notch or two…

The film reaffirmed my love for Edinburgh. All the scenes set there reminded me of all my visits to one of Europe’s loveliest cities. (It’s also Europe’s most haunted city, and it’s full of great pubs, restaurants and bookstores.)

If you haven’t had a chance to see One Day yet but you loved and read the book, then you need to make the time! For those of you in Sweden, the film will be released here in October so you’ll have to wait a few more weeks…



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