Back from vacation…

Well, I hadn’t expected to be incommunicado for such a long time. I had way too much to do during the month of August–work, work and more work. I also made a spur of the moment decision to go home to the US for 12 days, which I don’t regret even if I am sure it will leave me broke for a while.

While I was in the US, aside from buying books, I had a chance to catch up with some old friends, discover that I like Burmese food, experience the East Coast earthquake *and* Hurricane Irene. I don’t think I will ever forget Hurricane Irene, especially since my grandfather passed away just a few hours before it hit Virginia. My husband and I keep saying that Irene showed up to escort my granddad to a cooler, better place where my grandmother is waiting for him.

Back to the book front, I heard from Cirkeln author Mats Strandberg that an English blog for the book is now online! Check it out: and don’t forget the English translation of Cirkeln is coming out in Spring 2012!

BTW MATS: When I was in the US, I saw a trailer for a new TV show (“The Secret Circle”) that was suspiciously similar to your book. Has the CW network optioned Cirkeln? Or have they “borrowed heavily” from you and Sara? You might want to look into it…

While I was in Philly, I ended up buying a few books. Here are the titles I’ll be reading over the next few weeks:

I bought several other titles as well but they are not in the room with me so I will post links, etc later. But one thing that pleased me while I was in Philly was seeing how the independent bookstores there seem to be doing rather well. I visited three while I was there and all were packed with people browsing and buying books. Now that’s a sight an aspiring writer like me loves to see.

2 thoughts on “Back from vacation…

  1. So sorry to hear about your Grandfather, Kim! Irene sounded devastating, seen from here!

    Glad some bookstores are doing well and that you’re into serious reading! With all that reading on your plate, did you get an chance to read Forget the Past? Reclaim the Present is due out shortly – will let you know! I’m glad Forget the Past got good reviews on Goodreads and hope the sequel will do just as well!

  2. Hi Claude! I started reading it before I went to the US but I didn’t take my Kindle with me since the battery was dead. Going to finish reading it this week and then I will post a review both here and on Goodreads! 🙂

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