Vacation Reading, updated…

The wonderful Caserma Carina

So today I am writing to you from the lovely garden of Caserma Carina, the country house in Mogliano, Le Marche, Italy where I am spending part of my summer vacation. Since I arrived in Italy last Friday I have read a total of five books. Am I bored? Hell no! I have just been enjoying the luxury of relaxing in a fragrant garden in the summer sun and doing something I love–reading. So what have I read?

I don’t dare borrow another book from the library here since we are leaving for Bologna tomorrow. Maybe I can do a book swap since Nattfåk and Super Sad True Love Story were my personal copies. Of course, Nattfåk is in Swedish–but there was another book in Swedish in the library…hmm. 

4 thoughts on “Vacation Reading, updated…

  1. Oh wow! That is great – I cannot believe that you have read 5 books in a week. Good for you, and I bet since it is what you love to do then it was pure pleasure. Oh it sounds like a dream – Italy, lovely garden and books. La Dolce Vida!

    • Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and when you are in a place as lovely and relaxing as Caserma Carina you just find you forget about the rest of the world and enjoy the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle. It was fantastic. Wish I could have stayed another week! 🙂

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