Vacation Reading

On Friday morning, my hubster and will be on a plane, heading to Le Marche in Italy for ten days of much-needed rest and relaxation. Since he’s commandeered my Kindle (perhaps it’s time to order one for him as a birthday present), I will have to pack at least two good books to read as I lounge by the pool or in the evenings when we don’t feel like making up our own dialogue for Italian TV shows.

I originally purchased Tayari JonesSilver Sparrow to read on vacation but I couldn’t wait and started reading it already. I haven’t decided which books will accompany me to Italy. Perhaps something by George Martin since “Game of Thrones” has me hooked. I am so glad Canal Plus is airing it here in Europe.

While I was searching online for books to take with me, I found a link to a New York Times article on Beach Reads. Not sure if any of the books there will end up in my suitcase but maybe you’ll find them interesting.

So what do I want…? How about…

  • an alternate history thriller as enthralling as Robert Harris’ Fatherland
  • women’s fiction/multicultural romantic comedy in the same vein as the film Something New (and please let it be well-written–the last three multiculti romances I read were so awful they are now in my recycling bin)
  • a historical novel that sucks me in, which is what happened when I read Margaret George’s Memoirs of Cleopatra
  • a ghost story in the same vein as the Shining
So if you can think of something you think would tickle my fancy, drop me a line…

2 thoughts on “Vacation Reading

  1. Check out Carlos Ruiz Zafòn: the Shadow of the Wind or The Angel’s Game (I’m reading that now) Both are great! Really good literature, way into a surreal Barcelona, dark and mysterious, where the Cemetary of Forgotten Books beckons lost writers…

    • Hi Claude! I ended up taking Super Sad True Love Story, which I finished reading on my second day in Italy, and a Swedish ghost story/crime novel called Nattfåk, which I finished reading yesterday, with me. I’ve read both of the Zafòn books you recommended. He’s great! I am loking forward to his next book. 🙂 I ended up borrowing a book from the hotel’s “library”, which will have to keep me busy until we return to Bologna. 🙂

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