Twitter led me to a new author…

I used to hate Twitter. I just didn’t get it. Everyone I knew was tweeting (or whatever they call it, I guess twittering isn’t correct) and I was lost in the sauce, as my brother would say. For me, Twitter was just about celebrities posting meanderings that I wasn’t interested in anyway.

And then I went to Matera. While I was there, Sheila Redling and Christine Witthohn opened my eyes to why Twitter is a valuable tool for writers and readers. I resurrected my long-dead Twitter account and ended up coming into contact with several writers from around the world. Not only that, two of them recommended I try books by an author who was new for me: Tayari Jones.

Tayari Jones is the author of Leaving Atlanta, The Untelling and Silver Sparrow (which will be released in May). She’s originally from Atlanta, Georgia and is an Assistant Professor in the MFA program at Rutgers-Newark University. I read the blurbs for her books and they sounds intriguing. Now I’ve ordered them from the Book Depository and look forward to their arrival.

So now I can safely say that Twitter isn’t as bad as I thought–though I still am not certain that it is my favorite social media. I rather like Facebook. But if Twitter keeps leading me to new authors, then it may knock Facebook of its pedestal.

2 thoughts on “Twitter led me to a new author…

  1. Agreed! Twitter led me to a whole lot of interesting people and it’s fun if you download Tweetdecks which gives you all sorts of additional stuff (like what twitter themes are trending) and allows you to organize your friend list in columns (close ones and not so close ones, for example). And lets you tweet longer than 140 characters (double length) and that’s very useful when you want to finish an idea!

    Then remember to use hashtags (like #amwriting or #books which are great for writers, and there’s a whole lot of them out there) to link yourself to like-minded people and discuss things of common interest.

    For example, I’m interested in what’s happening in Libya, and that’s in the #libya column…

    So, yes twitter is great and comes easily on your computer. The danger is to spend too much time on it! That requires discipline!

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