2 thoughts on “Orange prize for Fiction Shortlist is online now

  1. Yes, I haven’t read more than the ROOM and I’ve heard (or got the impression) that TIGER’S WIFE is real good!

    To be honest, I didn’t like very much the ROOM not because it’s badly written or a badly plotted book – it isn’t! – but because the POV is that of a 5-year old child – an unusual POV to be sure (though I remember a similar book written by Françoise Chandernagor about Louis XVI’s son who was kept in prison in a tower at the height of the French Revolution and very badly tortured – a nightmarish book that was, and I suppose very effective too) .

    I guess this one is well written out in the sense that it is very realistic, but I’m afraid I can’t take it the whole length of a book!

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