Just a few days until Christmas…

Jazz Age inspired jacket of "The Great Gatsby"…and I have already finished my Christmas shopping. This year I purchased every present online to avoid the awful stress that is downtown Stockholm while Christmas shopping. The last few years Swedes seem to have lost their minds when they are out buying presents. It’s so awful that I would rather be at home in my pyjamas, ordering presents while I sip coffee in front of my computer. And I am someone who loves Christmas shopping and everything Christmas. Well, this year, I did my shopping in my favorite pair of pyjamas with my Nanowrimo coffee mug in my left hand and my Dell mouse in my right hand. In the background, Diana Krall sang about merry little Christmases and outside it was snowing. Lovely!

I even bagged a few presents for myself, which is always important. One present to myself is from Penguin. They’ve re-released hardbound editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels and short story collections with gorgeous Jazz Age inspired jackets. I had to have them. I ordered them a week ago and can’t wait until they arrive…:) I wanted the full set but one book–The Beautiful and the Damned–was out of stock.


The Image of the Black in Western Art Volume III cover

The Image of the Black in Western Art


For your arty friend…

Another present to myself is a series of books on art that I only just discovered. The Image of the Black in Western Art is a survey of the portrayal of blacks in art from the age of antiquity to the present. It’s published by Harvard University Press and it’s stunning. I’ve ordered the volumes II and III as my Christmas present to myself–there are 10 volumes in total if anyone wants to treat me to something nice. I will probably treat myself to volume I as my birthday present to myself–and what do you know? I don’t have to wait very long since my birthday is 3 January. 🙂


America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook


For your friend who loves comfort food…

I love cookbooks. I have too many of them. Sometimes I just like dreaming with them. Sometimes I actually try the recipes. At the moment, Tord is having the time of his life with the America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I ordered it two years ago and have tried a few recipes from it. Everything so far has been delicious. Now Tord has discovered how great it is. But if you have someone on your list who likes to cook or is interested in learning how to cook and needs a little guidance, then this is the perfect gift for them.



Cover of "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights"


For your Nigella Lawson fan who’d like a change…

Now me…well, I have been watching and enjoying Sophie Dahl’s new food program, Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights. And the cookbook looks to be just as good so I will have to treat myself to that…maybe as an after-Christmas present.

She’s got a recipe for chocolate-cherry pots that sounds so yummy….I must try it. You know, these cooking shows are dangerous. Just watching them adds inches to your hips but they do make life seem so much nicer…:)


I’ll post a few more last-minute gift ideas later today. I need coffee. And I need it…NOW. 🙂

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