Not my best Nanowrimo year…

Well it’s now December 2nd and I have survived another round of Nanowrimo. This year was a particularly bad year for me. Instead of even coming close to 50,000 workable words, I ended up with something shy of 20,000-not-sure-if-I-am-even-interested-in-the- story sort of words. But I don’t regret doing Nanowrimo. I never do, even when I don’t come close to finishing it.


Nanowrimo keeps me writing. I am like a lot of people who love writing but who feel the pull of other things just as strongly. There are days when watching “True Blood” is infinitely more interesting than sitting in front of my computer. Sometimes I come home from a long day of sitting through meeting after meeting and the last thing I want to do is think about more words to write. But then there is November and Nanowrimo and I know that I have a writing goal to keep. And most years I am very disciplined.

This year, I just didn’t plan very well. I also am still getting used to my new responsibilities at work and working a lot of overtime. But I think next year will be better. And even if my Nanowrimo novel is not a thing of greatness, it is always fun to write. I’m already thinking about next year…I wonder what I’ll write about then…


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