Nanowrimo Update

This has been the worst year ever for me with Nanowrimo. I am woefully behind in my word count and my story seems to be wandering around in circles with no clear path. Well, I had no path because I stupidly started it without a real outline. I usually know who my characters are and what goals I have in mind for them when I start Nanowrimo.

This year, I was so swamped with work that I forgot to write an outline, forgot to write character sketches, forgot to even think of names for my characters. I had a false start. Wrote an opening chapter that I hated. Realized that it wasn’t the story I wanted to tell. Started over. Found an idea I liked, began writing, spent many days working overtime and came home too tired to write.

So where am I now? Instead of closing in on 35,000-40,000 words, I am closing in on 15,000 words. I have a story about a girl named Lake who is in London but I don’t really know what she’s doing there. Well, actually, I figured it out last night so I will write it down today and maybe that will lead me forward.

The elements in my Nanowrimo novel? Well, I already told you about Lake. There’s a mansion block in South Kensington. A next-door neighbor named Justin who is dishy. A colleague named Rufus who is naughty. An apartment that is causing familial strife and a little old lady named Mrs. Lattishaw.  Oh–and there’s a weekend at a castle/hotel in Scotland. So, let’s see where this takes me. At least I am having fun writing it.

I wonder how the rest of you (who are doing Nanowrimo this year) are doing…


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