Is Nanowrimo a waste of time?

Laura Miller of thinks so. Check out her reasons here.

While I can see her point, I don’t really agree with her. What may come out when you participate in Nanowrimo may not be the world’s most incredible literature. It’s not supposed to be. It’s an exercise in creativity. Most people who do Nanowrimo don’t want to publish their Nanowrimo novels. They see it as something fun and something creative.

For me, Nanowrimo is when I can turn off my inner critic and write freely. I usually end up with at least half of a first draft that I continue working on the rest of the year. It helps me stay motivated. It also helps me get through the awful darkness that is Stockholm, Sweden in November.

Will any of my Nanowrimo novels find readers? I don’t know. I hope they do.

But if I think about other things I waste my time on–watching TV, doing laundry, commuting, standing in incredibly long lines at the bank or post office…well, then I’d rather waste my time on Nanowrimo. It’s fun and it’s become a global encouragement group–so what’s wrong with that?

What do all of you think?



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